The Bears Paw Café, Frog On The Bog, and Whitegold Adventures present

10th Annual

7 Summits Bike and Hike Challenge

Wells/Barkerville, BC. September 16, 2017




7 Mountain, 7 Stages and 7,000 Feet of day!

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The 20177 Summits Bike and Hike Challenge will be run on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The race route is well marked and staffed with great and dedicated volunteers at strategic locations.  Entry fee of $50 covers the race, cool participation prize, organization, transportation of bikes, First Aid and some drinks, and lunch. Meals are on your own, except lunch on race day. All profits will go to support the Friends of Barkerville. who have lovingly rebuilt and restored most of the trails that we ride on, and who support to preservation of the historical context in which our region is set.

We wanted a race that was challenging to do, but still accessible to most people. I think this fits the bill. Our Alpine environment is fragile and irreplaceable. Our intention with this event is to raise awareness about the beautiful Alpine resource that we have in this area. These days, this environment is under a lot of pressure from a variety of recreational and industrial sources. We wanted an event to raise awareness about how to treat it right. There are portions of this race that are technically rideable but shouldn't be ridden, due to their fragile nature. That's why we have the mix of modes of transportation. We produce a pamphlet in conjunction with the race to help riders to appreciate the historical and environmental significance of each section of their route. Unfortunately, this includes opportunities to see the rapid negative impact of two-wheel and four-wheel recreation on some of the environments that we will only be hiking through.

Travel stats look like this:

Viewing Wells from Slide Mountain

Start in Barkerville at 7:30 am and race up through Historic Barkerville Townsite to Groundhog lake (in the alpine)...hike Agnes and Bald Mtn, return to bike and ride the ditchline back to Cow mountain, overlooking Wells. Hike up Cow mountain and back to your bike.  Ride down the face of Cow Mountain and enter Wells to refuel and water. Ride to the Northeast on paved and gravel road over Downey Pass to Slide Mountain Trailhead.  Drop your bike, and hike up Slide, along alpine ridges to Mount Murray, and descend via the Yellowhawk Trail. Meanwhile, we move your bike to the bottom of Murray, and then you ride back to down Wells via the main road. 7 Mountains and 7 Summits later, you're home!

There is some significant down-hilling on some portions of this ride, but you're going to want your cross country bike because there is some hill to climb too.  All the riding is on existing mine roads or ditch lines. There is a very minimal amount of single track and it is level (along a beautiful abandoned ditch-line on Cow Mountain). The whole race looks like a giant figure-eight.


Distances and elevations look like this:

  1. From Barkerville to Groundhog lake at Km 7
  2. Hike 2 summits  (7 km) return to bike at Km 13)
  3. Ride to Cow Mtn trail at Km 23
  4. Summit Cow (1560 m) (1 km hike return 100m elevation gain)
  5. Ride to 1 Mile Rd and over Downey Summit (elevation at pass:1300m)
  6. Ride to bottom of Slide Mtn at Km 43
  7. Hike to top of Slide (1935m) and over to Murray(highest point at 1993 metres) through a 1850 m pass
  8. Hike to bottom of Mt Murray trail elevation (1200 m)(total hike 11km)
  9. Bike to Wells via the Bowron Rd, and Hwy 26
  10. End at The Bear's Paw (1200 m) Km 60

In the beginning, it took two old guys 11 hours, at a moderate pace, taking pictures and eating food to measure the course.  Most Participants subsequently beat this time, despite a raging storm! We encourage you to take 10 hours! That way, you can get some pics, enjoy a lunch in the mountains and appreciate your surroundings. There are cut-off times at three locations to help you understand your progress. If you don't make the cutoff time to each of these locations, you don't proceed for safety reasons.



Enjoy this (typical?)Race slide show or click on the picture screen for a full sized view.



For more info, hard copies of registration forms or details, contact:

Cheryl Macarthy / Dave Jorgenson
The Bear's Paw Cafe / Frog on the Bog Gifts
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Toll Free: 1-866-994-2345

On the slopes of Mt. Murray with Mount Agnes in the Distance

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